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The Inspector

As a Certified Professional Real Estate Inspector, I follow a standards of practice set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)  and adhere to the codes administered through the International Residential Code council  (IRC). The purpose of these codes are “to provide the minimum requirements to safe guard the safety, health and welfare of the general public”. Every 24 months, Texas inspectors have to acquire 32 hours of continuing education certificates while providing updated credentials to (TREC) in order to serve as a licensed professional.

The Inspection

What your Inspector can do for you, is to conduct a Close Visual Inspection (CVI) of your home to determine what deficiencies exist, if any.  Among features inspected are Foundations, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, HV/AC, Plumbing, just to name a few. This thorough inspection will be supported with a written report and digital photos explaining deficiencies and safety issues.

The Home Owner(s)

Safety in the home is up to the home owner. Safety is a  frame of mind and also has a physical presence. Being safety-conscious should be a way of life. From the time you get up in the morning till you go to bed at night. Safety at the work place and Safety at play, Think Safety all the way.

It is also up to the home owner to maintain a safe environment for friends and family.  A thorough home inspection can and will reveal potential hazards thus leaving home owners with a peace of mind.

Barry W. Guess

Guesco Consulting & Inspection LLC.

Professional Real Estate Inspector (TREC Lic.# 21164)

Like my post ? Next up, I will break down each aspect of the Inspection process and describe some deficiencies and Safety issues.

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